National Careers Week – 7 to 13 March 2022

March 2022

Venerable Bede CE Academy is proud to once again support National Careers Week! See below for useful information and guidance about the various careers paths open to young people as well as the events taking place this week.

The Careers Download – Edition 1 The Careers Download – Edition 2 The Future of Work Guide 2022

Virtual Careers Fair

The Virtual Careers Fair will go live on day 1 of Careers Week.

  • No registration required
  • No data is collected from students.
  • Tons of opportunities for students to explore

Visit the link below from 7 March to explore this resource.

Careers in the Army

Visit the link below to explore further resources.

Careers in the Civil Service

The Civil Service is changing. Together we’re finding new ways to serve the public, work more efficiently, and make the government more transparent. We’re making the Civil Service a truly brilliant place to work.

Follow the link below to complete a ‘Career Matcher’ activity.

Careers at Sea

There are plenty of exciting careers in the maritime sector to choose from – both on and offshore. As a Deck, Engineering or Electro-technical Officer you could be in charge of operating and managing commercial ships. While becoming a Rating would make the most of your broad seafaring skills – from navigation and engine room maintenance to Catering, Hospitality and other Onboard Services. 

For shore-based jobs in ship management and other marine industries, you’ll find incredibly varied and rewarding opportunities such as maritime law, surveying ships or training future seafarers.

Visit the following link to find out more.

Careers in the NHS

Have you ever thought about a career in the NHS? Complete the ‘career finder’ or read about what it is like to work for the NHS.

Visit the following link to find out more.

Careers in STEM

Visit the following link to find out more.

Presentation Resources
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