Clubs & Activities

Out of Hours Clubs include:

Supervised ICT work, Football, Badmington, Rugby, Hockey, Cricket, Netball, Basketball, Athletics, Gymnastics, Dance, Trampoline, Table Tennis and access to the Fitness Suite.


Music education in the school offers access to instrumental tuition, choirs and instrumental groups. Regular musical events offer an ideal showcase for our students. We host a musical production each year which involves large numbers of our students.

Breakfast Club

Busy, working families can take advantage of our breakfast club. We offer daily breakfast to all our students in the relaxed atmosphere of our Bistro. The earliest breakfast is 7.45am. Availability is limited so please do contact the school and speak to our Extended School Co-ordinator for further information.

Holiday Clubs

Students can enjoy a range of activities or simply relax at our paid-for holiday clubs which operate every holiday (except for the Christmas break). They can book for a week if parents are working or drop in for a specific activity when we have themed days such as Stage School and the Stadium of Light Soccer Academy.

Year 6 Summer School

A week of exciting activities and trips open to students in the summer holidays just before they start school in Year 7. This gives students an opportunity to get to know the academy, staff and begin to make friends. At the Venerable Bede CE Academy, we are committed to offering our students as many opportunities as possible to develop their range of experiences. Students are invited to participate in vists to countries, such as Lesotho, Berlin and Barcelona, as well as to experience outdoor activites, for example Derwent Hill, archaeological sites and geographical fieldtrips.