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Through our DEEP curriculum, we hope to inspire, in our pupils, a love of learning that will stay with them long after they reach the school leaving age. We believe in encouraging each pupil to have high self-esteem and to realise that, by believing in themselves and through hard work, they can reach their true potential as children of God. We also believe firmly in Pupil Voice; by listening to our young people, we can improve their education and the opportunities that we can offer.

To do this, we offer a DEEP curriculum that is built on our 5 Christian values (Hope, Joy, Forgiveness, Wisdom and Perseverance) and is surrounded by our 3 simple rules: Ready, Respectful, Safe.

Through our DEEP curriculum, every child is going to:

Develop a love of learning, academic excellence and perseverance in a Christian context

Engage in a wide range of opportunities in joyful, meaningful contexts to develop self-worth and mastery of knowledge and skills

Encourage themselves and others to be aspirational and make wise choices so that they are prepared for life

Practise equality of opportunity by valuing diversity, actively challenging prejudice and demonstrating forgiveness and hope.

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