Pastoral Support

Inclusion Organisation

Head of Years


Pastoral Year Group Manager for Year 7

Terri Willetts


Head of Year 8

Michael Crampton


Head of Year 9 

Rebecca Scott (Acting)


Head of Year 10 

Dawn Outen


Head of Year 11 

Bob Earl


Heads of Year are responsible for the day-to-day welfare of the students. All students in The Venerable Bede Academy have a form tutor who will register their attendance at school in the morning and offer support for their welfare and their progress through school. Parents/carers are able to contact Heads of Year through the Main Office on any matter concerning their child.


All teachers are committed to supporting students who have learning difficulties. The Learning Support Department works with students, parents/carers and staff in addressing the needs of all students. This is through working in small groups and through extra support in mainstream classrooms. The school is well equipped to allow students with physical disability to be fully integrated into main stream education.

Partnership with Parents/Carers

We value the opinion of parents/carers and encourage you to express your views formally through questionnaires, school website interaction, and at meetings held during the school year. Parents/carers are informed of all activities and successes through newsletters, the school website and letters to parents/carers from curriculum and inclusion leaders.

Parents/carers are kept up to date with their child’s progress and targets through an annual written report, interim assessment reports and annual Parents’/Carers’ Evenings. Parents/carers may contact us at any time. The first port of call is always the student’s Head of Year whose knowledge of each student in their care is extensive. Please contact the school office where you will be asked to leave a contact number to arrange a suitable appointment time. Parents/carers will be asked the nature of their request at the time of making the appointment. Please note an appointment will be offered but we cannot guarantee it will be within 24 hours.