Prayer Spaces 2019 – Updated!

June 2019

Following the completion of the Prayer Spaces 2019 project ‘Reservoirs of Hope’ a short video was compiled (available to view above) documenting the process which was then exhibited at the ‘Waymark Conference‘ in October.

The purpose of the conference, named Waymark, was to reflect on mission, leadership and culture change in our Diocese and to prayerfully discern the way ahead.

The Waymark weekend had a mixture of guest contributions, group and informal discussions, as well as opportunities for quiet reflection and prayer.

This was the second annual Waymark Conference. When launching the event in November 2018, Bishop Paul said: “This conference, and the build-up to it over the coming months, mark a critical period in the life of our Diocese. We have named the conference Waymark, as our gathering will be an important step on our journey; a moment of arrival, of pausing for reflection, and then moving ahead together.

“My hope is that these next few months of listening and learning ahead of, and in preparation for, Waymark, will help us to maximize our learning from our involvement with the Missional Leadership for Growth programme, the Partnership for Missional Church process, our Setting God’s People Free learning community, and our experiences in creating and sustaining Resource Churches.”

Continue reading below to see Venerable Bede CE Academy’s original ‘Prayer Spaces’ post and please also visit our ‘Christian Ethos‘ page to read more about how our core Christian values inform everyday life here at the academy as well as take the opportunity to view further videos about ‘Prayer Spaces’ and our ethos in action.


Original Post – 10 July 2019

Pupils from Venerable Bede have been invited once again to take part in a ‘Prayer Spaces’ event.

These events aim to highlight that prayer can take many forms and be practised almost anywhere. One key aim is to help to improve mental health by giving time to reflect on the positives in life.

This year, participants have been encouraged, as part of a team, to develop their own ‘Prayer Space’ activities.

Venerable Bede’s contributions are focused around the phrase “Reservoir of Hope”. 

We wish our Prayer Space Ambassadors the best of luck as they continue to develop their ideas. 

Our event is being hosted in school during the summer term. The aim is to allow pupils to explore life’s questions, in a safe, creative way.

Elijah Dowsett, one of our Religious Education Ambassadors, said:

“We are looking forward to creating our own prayer spaces journey and hoping to help as many people as possible.”

The 2019 initiative was launched earlier this year; images from that event can be seen on the below.