The intention of our DEEP History curriculum is for pupils to gain a broad understanding of content and skills covering the modern world and key events that have shaped the world. It will help pupils to understand and analyse the causes of some of the major historical events and changes of the past. Pupils will develop investigative and analytical skills and grow a greater appreciation of historical causation, enabling them to become independent, confident and high skilled learners.

DEEP Curriculum Overview

In Year 7, pupils will study a variety of different knowledge topics and will begin to develop historical skills. The aim of these topics is to enable your child to develop a sound knowledge of both English, history and the wider world during and beyond the Medieval period, in line with our DEEP curriculum. By investigating past events they will be able to understand issues of social conflict such as class inequality as well as religious conflict and co-operation. At the end of Year 7, your child should be better informed, able to make reasoned judgments and debate their point of view, whilst appreciating that the opinion of others is equally valid. They will develop some valuable transferable skills: source analysis, classification, research, essay-writing, argument construction, group-work, debate and discussion skills. In Year 8 pupils will study British and Modern World History. The aim of these topics is to enable your child to develop a sound knowledge of the past events that have had a significant impact upon modern society. At the end of Year 8, your child should be well informed, able to make reasoned judgments, debate their point of view and be able to draw parallels between past events. They will continue to develop and build on the skills built in Year 7.

The GCSE History Specification, (Edexcel exam board), allows pupils to study different aspects of the past, so they can engage with key issues, such as conflict, and understand what drives change and how the past influences the present.  The specification covers the key topics: Medicine through Time, Life in the Trenches, the American West, Early Elizabethan England and the USA 1954-75.  The course will provide pupils skills that will support progression to both a further study of history and a wide range of other subjects.

Topics / Areas of Study

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