My Money Week 2024, 10th – 14th June 2024

May 2024

Venerable Bede CE Academy is proud to support My Money Week!

My Money Week aims to get children and young people aged 3 – 19 excited and interested in financial matters. It’s a great introduction for educators who are new to financial education and each year it provides brand new resources, materials and ideas for those already teaching it.

This year’s My Money Week theme is Saving Money and Protecting the Planet.

Pupils will be exploring how to reduce waste and take care of what they have. They will consider how their spending and saving decisions impact the planet and their financial wellbeing as well as others around the globe.

Below are a few activities that you may like to discuss with your pupil/s.

Love Food, Hate Waste

Discover some simple hacks, tips and guidance to make the most of your food at home. Find out why it is so crucial that we all do our bit to save our food from the bin – and protect our beautiful planet at the same time too.

Every little thing you do, every day, makes a huge difference. By working together, it soon adds up if you times each small action by 66 million people living in the UK. And, you’ll save money on your shopping bill too.

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