English – Literature

English – Literature Exam Board: Edexcel
Summer 2022 Exam Dates:
Wednesday 25 May 9:00am Paper 1 1 hour 45 mins
Wednesday 8 June 9:00am Paper 2 1 hour 20 mins

Important Information:

  • All pupils will sit Paper 1: Shakespeare and Post-1914 Literature.
  • For Paper 2, pupils at Venerable Bede will sit Section A, the 19th-century Novel. 

2022 Exam Board Advance Information/Adaptations:

  • English Literature Paper 2 is now only assessing ‘19th Century Fiction’ (‘A Christmas Carol’). Students will no longer be assessed on Poetry.

Other Support:

Suggested Revision Websites:

BBC Bitesize: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/examspecs/z2whg82

Edexcel website (Click Revision: ‘An Inspector Calls’): https://qualifications.pearson.com/en/qualifications/edexcel-gcses/english-literature-2015.html


Oak Academy: https://classroom.thenational.academy/subjects-by-key-stage/key-stage-4/subjects/english