Media Studies

Media Studies Exam Board: Eduqas
Summer 2022 Exam Dates:
Wednesday 25 May 1:00pm Paper 1 1 hour 30 mins
Tuesday 14 June 1:00pm Paper 2 1 hour 30 mins

Important Information:

Students can either produce:

  1. ‘Completed Product’
  2. A ‘Prototype’
  3. A ‘Mock-up’

If students are unable to finalise option A. ‘The Completed Product’, then they must include ‘supportive evidence’ of how they would have met the brief, if able to. This would mean two pages of explanatory notes for a ‘Prototype’, or three pages if only a ‘mock-up’ is written.

2022 Exam Board Advance Information:

Component 1: Exploring the Media

Section A: Exploring Media Language and Representation. This section will assess:
• Media Language: print Advertisement
• Media Contexts and Representation: Magazines – Pride front cover and ‘unseen’ magazine front cover

Section B: Exploring Media Industries and Audiences. This section will assess:
• Media Industries: Film – Spectre
• Audiences: Video Games – Fortnite

Component 2: Understanding Media Forms and Products

Section A: Television – Crime Drama or Sitcom. This section will assess:
• Media Language: Television – Luther or The IT Crowd
• Media Contexts: Television – Luther or The IT Crowd

Section B: Music. This section will assess:
• Representation: Music Videos – Roar (Katy Perry) or Bad Blood (Taylor Swift) and Uptown Funk (Bruno Mars) or Freedom (Pharrell Williams)
• Media Industries: Music Websites – Katy Perry or Taylor Swift

Media Studies Advance Information

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