Reading and the LRC


The Learning Resource Centre is our school library, a busy and thriving area, which is a hub for supporting learning. All pupils and staff are automatically enrolled as members.

The LRC is a friendly and welcoming space for all members of the school. It is located near to the main entrance, with access available for pupils every day before school, at lunchtime and after school until 4pm.

The school has experienced specialist LRC staff, who are on hand to offer advice and guidance on finding information and choosing books to read. They work closely with other staff in school to choose resources to support the curriculum being taught. There is also an excellent range of up-to-date fiction and recreational non-fiction, helping to encourage our pupils to love reading. The LRC staff are involved in maintaining the Reading Hub (link to the Hub) area on the school website.

Pupils have access to the LRC computers and printing facilities, as well as the LRC computer management system, ‘Reading Cloud’, which can be accessed from anywhere in the school. This allows borrowers to log into their own accounts and view what they have on loan, or to check what the LRC has in stock. Pupils can also get involved in the day to day running of the LRC by training to be volunteer ‘Pupil Librarians’.