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As well as the learning, enrichment and wellness resources available through this website, on this page, you will find resources for maintaining your fellowship and spiritual wellbeing.

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This Week’s Worship Video

Resources for ‘Well-being Day 2021’

Watch The National Holocaust Memorial Day Ceremony via the Below Link on – Wednesday 27 January – From 6.45 pm

Resources from the Church of England

We have curated some helpful resources form the Church of England website. Please click the links below to explore.

Faith at Home Worship – Featuring VB and IR Pupils!

This week Venerable Bede and Ian Ramsey pupils have worked together with staff from both Academies to produce their video contributions to the ‘Faith at Home’ YouTube series. We’re sure you’ll agree they did an excellent job!

The video premieres at 10.00 am today (Friday 05/06/2020) but will be archived on this page and made available via the Faith@Home playlist on the Church of England YouTube channel if you would like to re-watch it.


Assemblies with Wearside Youth for Christ 

Youth for Christ:

Wearside Youth for Christ seeks to work in the local secondary schools of Sunderland helping them gain a better understanding of what Christians believe and why and how it affects their lives.

Please find above YfC’s ‘Virtual Assemblies’ as a playlist. As with other pages on our website, where YouTube playlists are embedded, use this icon, found in the top-right corner of the player, to access the other videos available. 

This playlist will remain up-to-date and will feature upcoming videos as they are released, please check back regularly! You can also follow Youth for Christ’s YouTube channel.​

Assembly with The Archbishop of Canterbury 

Content taken from an update from Andy Wolfe – CE Deputy Chief Education Officer (Leadership Development)

The video can be found archived below:

Original announcement and links found below:

As you may have seen in the media, we have partnered with Oak National Academy to deliver what could be the country’s largest-ever assembly [this] morning at 10.00 am. The first national assembly features input from Matt Hood, Headteacher of Oak National Academy, Gavin Williamson, and then the main speaker – the Archbishop of Canterbury, speaking on the theme of ‘Hope’. We are also thrilled that students from Sneinton Church of England Primary School in Nottingham and St Mary Redcliffe & Temple School in Bristol are leading elements of the assembly too – and they are quite marvellous as you will see!

The assembly is being streamed live at 10.00 am on the TES website – so please log on and join us for 10 inspirational minutes and to be part of the country’s largest-ever assembly! Please … encourage as many people as possible to join for this!

For more information click here.

This will then lead to a weekly programme of content that we are developing for primary and secondary schools called Faith at Home, which will be weekly 10-12 minute packages of video content to support collective worship, coming out every Thursday from 7th May. I will be interviewing Paul Butler, Bishop of Durham for Monday’s podcast to hear more about this exciting new campaign for the Church of England nationally.

Diocesan Update

Content from the most recent Diocese Update compiled by Kieth Blundy – Diocesan & Bishops Communication Advisor

New Free Phone Line

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has launched a free national phone line as a simple new way to bring worship and prayer into people’s homes while church buildings are closed because of the coronavirus.

Full details here.

Daily Reflections for Eastertide – Playlist

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Other Resources from Durham Diocese

Prayer Space Resources

Psalm 46:1 “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”

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