Religious Education

Religious Education (RE) enables pupils to investigate and respond to fundamental questions of life and living and be able to express and justify their own opinions. It helps our pupils develop knowledge, understanding and skills when considering Christian and other responses to moral, ethical and philosophical issues.

DEEP Curriculum Overview

Within RE we have found that pupils often find it easier to understand an issue when they look at it initially from a personal perspective.  Throughout their time at Venerable Bede CE Academy, pupils will develop their discussion, debate and argument-formation skills, in line with our DEEP curriculum.  Pupils will also be involved in research tasks and problem-solving activities.  Wherever possible we try to use media stimulus (Film, TV, music for example) to engage pupils in their learning.

The DEEP curriculum in RE is a five-year journey with each stage carefully designed to help pupils progress seamlessly onto next steps.

All pupils complete the full course Religious Studies GCSE from EDUQAS, Route A.

Topics / Areas of Study

Year 7

• How can Religious Education help me understand my community? 
• Why are people good and bad?
• Why do Christians believe Jesus was God on earth?
• How can people express the spirituality through the arts?
• Saving the world: What kinds of salvation do Christians believe in?
• The Buddha: How and why do his experiences and teachings have meaning for people today?
• Should Christians be greener than everyone else?

Year 8

• What do people do when life gets hard?
• What does it mean for Christians to believe in God as Trinity?
• What difference does it make to be an atheist or agnostic in Britain today?
• What do Christians believe about God’s heavenly kingdom and life after death?
• What is good and what is challenging about being a Jewish teenager in Britain today?
• Why is there suffering? Are there any good solutions?

Year 9

• Does the world need prophets today?
• What is good and what is challenging about being a Muslim teenager in Britain today? 
• What is so radical about Jesus?
• Good, bad, right, wrong: how do I decide?

Year 10 

• Christianity: Beliefs and Teachings
• Christianity: Practices
• Issues of Life and Death
• Issues of Good and Evil
• Issues of Relationships 

Year 11 

• Islam: Beliefs and teachings
• Islam: Practices
• Issues of Human Rights