Music Week 2022

July 2022

Our Music Department is gearing up for another full-on year of learning and performance!

As many may know, we run several small group instrumental and singing lessons and currently have almost 200 pupils taking lessons each week, along side our extra-curricular singing club and rock bands. In September, we are excited to introduce our approach to Music education here at VB and make instrument tuition available to, our new year 7s!

Kicking off with our Music Week event, aimed at maintaining the re-invigoration of music and music education in schools post COVID-19, the Sunderland Music Hub has once again given funds to schools to enable us to have our peripatetic music teachers once again deliver a bespoke event featuring a range of musical performances, teacher demonstrations, question and answer sessions.

Our Senior Leadership Team said:

“We are incredibly lucky to have such a talented and dedicated team of musicians working at Venerable Bede Academy to educate our young people.”