PUPIL COMPETITION! – Celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III

April 2023

It’s over 70 years since our last monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, was crowned.

On 6 May 2023 it will be the Coronation in London of King Charles III.

Venerable Bede CE Academy will be marking this historic event by planting a tree in the autumn. A special plaque is to be installed next to the tree. This is where you come in!

Every student at each of Northern Lights Learning Trust’s seven schools is invited to use the outline of King Charles’ head, found on the PDF linked below, as a starting point for something creative!

You could colour it in using pens or paint, you could make a collage using pictures or fabric, you could write a poem, or compose a new piece of music with lyrics (we’ll include a QR code on the plaque), let your imagination guide you!

The best entry from each school, in the opinion of the judges, will have their work preserved forever on a special plaque! There will also be prizes for the winners!

Please hand in your completed entry (with your name and age) to your form teacher by 9am on Wednesday 10 May.

Click this link or the thumbnail above to view/download the PDF