Welcome to the Community Reading Hub

Community Reading Hub

As a school we know how important reading is, enabling pupils to benefit from all the opportunities that education has to offer them. Pupils need to be able to read if they are to achieve academically; poor reading ability is one factor that significantly impacts on pupils’ access to the subjects they are studying in school. As pupils progress there is a need to ensure that they have the reading skills to access academic language across all subjects. Putting reading at the heart of the curriculum will support pupils to be able to read well.

Research into reading states:

  • Reading for pleasure is important for educational purposes, expanding vocabulary and comprehension skills, improving concentration and critical thinking.
  • There is a positive link between attitudes towards reading and scoring well on assessments that have a strong basis in reading.

However, there is so much more to reading than academic success. Reading for Pleasure has real social benefits. It increases a person’s understanding of their own identity and of the world around them. It improves empathy and can have a positive impact on relationships with other people. 

For all of these reasons, reading is woven throughout our DEEP Curriculum to provide pupils with the skills they need to effectively comprehend information, access learning and enjoy reading for pleasure.

We want all of our pupils to be confident readers. We would love parents and carers to be part of our reading community too.