Bede’s Reads and Challenges!

We hope you enjoy the challenges and activities below!

Challenges and Activities!

Starting this week, check out the Reading Hub area on the school for some reading and book related challenges. Email Mrs Holmes with any completed challenges, and we’ll award Class Charts points for anyone who joins in.

Challenge 1 – have a go at writing a letter

Rob Biddulph is an illustrator who spent the first lockdown sharing loads of brilliant step-by-step drawing videos. There are lots to have a go at on his website, and they’re on YouTube too. Here’s one I did back in Lockdown 1!

So, check out the website, choose a video to follow.

What will you choose?

Penguin? Unicorn? Astronaut? Puffer Fish?

Email us a picture of your finished artwork 

Extra Class Charts points for anyone who names their character/creature and writes a little description of it, or a mini-story.


Challenge 2 – have a go at being a letter

Take a look at the 10-minute challenges on the Authorfy website. There are loads, so you could pick any but each week I’ll choose one for anyone that needs an idea!

This time: find the video by author Eoin McLaughlin (they’re in alphabetical order). He writes for younger children – including the super-cute lockdown book below.

The challenge? Write a letter to someone you can’t see at the moment.

An actual letter, or postcard. NOT an email or a text. Put a stamp on it and go for a walk

to the postbox.

Will you choose your… Granny? Best friend? Cousin? Neighbour?

I don’t want to see your letters, but you could email and tell me who you wrote to and why. I’m going to write to my friend who has just had a liver transplant to cheer her up.


Challenge 3 – have a go at writing a review

Find our Google Form books review template, and fill it in about a book you’ve recently read.

Thank you to the people who have already done one! Class Charts points are being added.

Or if you don’t want to use the template you can just write your own and tell me what you’ve been reading.


Bede’s Reads (and other recommendations)!