Sunderland’s ‘Search for a Star’ – Tickets Now Available!

March 2022

U P D A T E !

A C T S   C H O S E N

After an intense round of auditions, we have found the two Venerable Bede acts who will represent us at the upcoming Sunderland Music Hub ‘Search for a Star’ event!

The successful candidates are:

Matthew who will perform as a solo singer


Charlie, Sam, Erin, Ashlayne, Lexie, Andrew, Brandon and Jack who will perform as a group – ‘The Vennerz Rock Band’

Congratulations to all of them and from our community we wish you the very best of luck!!!

T I C K E T S   A V A I L A B L E   N O W ! ! !

We have received the below communication from the organisers of the event which contains information on how you can book tickets to attend the event!

Dear Search for a Star school!

It has been great to hear that you’ve had a great time choosing acts for Search for a Star and for some schools, actually having a live audience back for the first time in ages!  Whether you’ve done a public event to find your participants or you’ve just done it within your department, the good news is the tickets are now ON SALE for the grand final on April 6th!
Tickets are being sold on a ‘pay what you feel’ system.
Here is the link!
We are glad to be having the following schools perform:
St Aidan’s
Academy 360
Venerable Bede CE Academy
Sandhill View
The event will be hosted by Monkwearmouth (previous winners) taking place at Sunderland College.
Thank you,
Laura Tindall
(Sunderland Music Hub)