What is Transition?

The transition from primary school to secondary school can be a daunting journey. At The Venerable Bede CE Academy, we always try to make the move enjoyable. We hope that this website will help to answer questions, alleviate some anxieties, and offer some insights into our school ethos.

Transition started for many of our pupils back in Year 5, with visits to experience ‘Taster Days’ in the summer term. Some may recall visiting The Venerable Bede C of E Academy to sample a range of activities and subjects; from Wicked Wizards in English to Wormeries in Science, from Magical Muffins in Food Technology to Scintillating Spanish songs. Pupils enjoy every minute of their time with us and while they often arrive quite nervous they find that they quickly relax into the warm and friendly atmosphere of our school.

Not only do our primary pupils benefit from these visits but the many Venerable Bede pupils who volunteer to help run these activities and events also develop their skills in working with younger pupils. Many of these students volunteer their services to the school as Prefects and are looking forward to being able to meet and greet our new Year 7. Each of our Prefects is assigned a Year 7 tutor group with whom they will work for the first few weeks of school starting for Year 7. These pupils act as mentors and guides to ensure that Year 7 are able to find their way around the building and help to solve any problems that they may have. All of our Prefects know what it is like to start at our school and are there to offer as much care and support as possible.  

Our team of Pastoral staff has been working hard, conducting online meetings with all of the staff from our feeder primary schools. The information we have gathered is used to support all of our new Year 7 pupils. We look at friendship groups, attendance data, academic progress and any additional needs that our pupils may have. Our Pastoral team and SEND team work together closely to ensure that pupils are placed in appropriate tutor groups and academic groups.

Remember we are with you every step of the way for support and guidance over the coming months. Please continue to drop into our Transition website for regular updates as they become available.