About VBAB


What is Bullying?

Repeated negative behaviour that is intended to make others feel upset, uncomfortable or unsafe.

V Verbal Bullying – The repeated negative use of speech, sign language, or verbal gestures to intentionally hurt others. 
I Indirect Bullying – The repeated negative use of actions, which are neither physical nor verbal, to intentionally hurt others.
P Physical Bullying – The repeated negative use of body contact to intentionally hurt others. For example, kicking, hitting, pulling bags etc.

Who are we?

We are some of the members of Venerable Bede CE Academy’s Anti-Bullying group, we are known as the “Bully Buddies.” We are here to support and help any pupil in the school who feel they may need it.

What is our aim?

Our aim is to make pupils feel safe and secure around school.

What do I do if you need support?

  • Speak to your form tutor, Pastoral Year Group Manager, Miss Jackson, in room 15 or pop into Room 15 any lunchtime (or break time from September 2023), which can be used as a “buddy base”. 
  • If you don’t feel you are able to chat about an issue you may have, you could fill out one of the forms (from Room 15, all classrooms, the school office or the Pastoral Year Group Manager’s office) and pass it to Miss Jackson or use our new online form.