A Message from the Staff at Venerable Bede for Mental Health Awareness Week 2020

May 2020

Working together from their homes, the staff of VB has produced a short video message for our community. 

We hope to communicate our gratitude for how our community continues to pull together and exercise its determination, fortitude and grit!

We also hope it will make you smile!

Over the last several days staff have donated their own time and effort to create and send short videos clips and photos to our editor Mr. Irvine.

Our peripatetic music staff along with Mr. Exley and Mrs. Bonner worked hard to capture a unique recording of the ‘Friends’ theme tune.

Mrs. Birtwistle wrote a fantastic poem and several members of staff helped us to capture it, to help us to demonstrate how we are feeling at this time and the pride we have in our pupils!

We hope you enjoy it!

The video can also be found on our Well-being and Mindfulness page which has a wealth of resources for you to explore!