History Exam Board: Edexcel
Summer 2022 Exam Dates:
Thursday 19 May 9:00am Paper 1

(Thematic Study)

1 hour 15 mins
Thursday 9 June 9:00am Paper 3 

(Modern Depth Study)

1 hour 20 mins
Thursday 16 June 9:00am Paper 2 

(British Depth Study)

55 mins

Important Information:

There are three exam papers designed to assess the knowledge and skills covered in the GCSE History course:

  • Paper 1: Thematic study and historic environment [Medicine in Britain, c1250–present and The British sector of the Western Front,
    1914–18: injuries, treatment and the trenches]
  • Paper 2: Period study and British depth study [Early Elizabethan England, 1558–88]
  • Paper 3: Modern depth study [The USA, 1954–75: conflict at home and abroad]

2022 Exam Board Advance Information/Adaptations:

  • Optionality introduced for Paper 2 – ‘Early Elizabeth England, 1558-88 will be the only assessed unit i.e. ‘The American West, c1835–c1895’ will NOT be assessed
  • The total assessment time is now 3 hours and 30 minutes  (Previously 4 hours and 20 minutes)
  • No advance information about content on exams

Other Support:

Suggested Revision Websites:

BBC Teach – Youtube clips on Medicine through time.

Operation Ouch in the trenches – 30 min episode on Vimeo.

Youtube – the History Teacher (Elizabeth topic).